Data protection policy

(updated 18.07.2018)

Responsible organisation
Bränsletjänst Johnny & Kent Öb, Company number: 1801543-8, Thorsbergsvägen 2, 66240 Petalax

Responsible person within the organisation
Kent Nordling, owner. Contact information: 0503213799.

 Purpose of personal data processing
Contact information of clients or potential clients is processed to maintain contact, as well as for invoicing purposes.

Personal data which will be processed
Name, Address, phone number & email

Receiver of personal data
Personal data is processed by the employees at Bränsletjänst Johnny & Kent Öb. Data stored in the client registry will not be handed over to any third party.

Length of data storage
Processed personal data will be stored for the time being

Individuals, whose personal data can be found in the client registry, have the right to demand access and correction of their personal data. The same individuals also have the right to demand that their personal data is deleted from the client registry.

The contains of this data protection policy is based on the data protection law in Finland (RP 9/2018) and the general data protection law in the EU (2016/679).